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Even wearing a brand is not necessarily cool

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Even wearing a brand is not necessarily cool

Even wearing a brand is not necessarily cool.

There are some people wearing a whole bodied high brand?

Really though cool people are nice, some people that it is not looking good.

It is my experience,Wearing high expensive clothes in college, I’ve watched it always some people of the same pattern.

Those who are wearing expensive brands do not know about themselves, but they are surely tired.

Those people wearing expensive brands always wear the same clothes, but I think that they are not fun to wear.

Although there is a way to wear it well.

I really wanted to teach this.


It’s do not that good just because it is brand.

I will write my experiences I’ve come to like my clothes after this, so it will be helpful.


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I became fond of clothes because there was a senior(senpai) in buyer experience

I went to a junior college because of family circumstances,at that time happened to be a senior(senpai) with clothing buyers experience,thanks to that person, now I like clothes.

My own clothes when I was junior high school and high school

Self-independence of the ego started from junior high school students,Buy clothes yourself.

When I was a junior high school bought only shoes,I did not have any clothes.

NIKE JORDAN 12 or A JUST FORCE,Adidas Nastase mesh and hurricane,Stance mistake,Puma’s basket etc.

I bought T – shirts for old clothes and wearing sports – style New Balance etc.

But still when I was a junior high school student is wearing the likes clothes myself,Overalls check shirt, old clothes jeans, old clothes sweats etc.

But, I do not know how to buy clothes,everyone was wearing a down jacket, so when I bought a down jacket of 20,000 yen, I wore only about twice in the end.Or, I did not know how to use money on clothes.

That era, there is no UNIQLO around.

Well it’s such a thing.When I became high school, I went to a place in front of Meiji Jingumi with my friends and came shopping in Harajuku,I bought it at Takeshitadori Street. Even though I thought it would be nice, it was not cool at all. Why did you buy this?

Clothes that do not know the timing to wear.

Since I was a boys’ school, I was not conscious of girls, I was doing my best in club activities, so I was not interested in fashionable clothes so much, and when I entered a junior college I had only three T – shirts.

Patagonia pants of 12,800 yen or chums button parka in 14.800 yen. At that time, I did not have a coat. so then I think I spent the winter well.

At that time I thought that it would be cool if I had a brand.

Encounter with a senior who experienced buyers after entering a junior college

When I entered the junior college, I did not have enough clothes to remember what I had 3 T-shirts, 2 jeans and what clothes I had afterwards, the clothes of old clothing X-girl men I remember buying a T – shirt, but I did not remember so much.

Well, it did not look nice.


I remember well about this time, I remember having a diary at that time.

I thought about enjoying the junior college at first, but in a department with few men,A man who is coming has many climbs from attached schools,one of them said that I always “take a picture” of the report I spent a lot of time,that person always tells only a lie. It is very stressful, I hate it,Leave a friend from the way.there were only five men in the class,three people quit school.

So, I did not speak so much with a man of the same age, and at that time the senior is a friend.

That seniors are always wearing cool clothes.


I want to try such clothes. Always thinking.

By the time the previous fiscal year course of junior college is finished,I thought that I made a mistake in my career. In order to transfer to a different university,When I started studying the Masked Ronin(college student who is merely marking time to get into a better college),At that time I was broken hearted.

In the autumn period, my seniors stayed the night at home.

At that time, say “I want to be cool”.

“I would like to help if I really want to change”.

To say “thank you”.

Why will you tell me? When I asked, “I am similar to you”, I feel like I have no friends. Always a lonely place.


October 26, 2002 We met at Harajuku Omotesando Lawson.

From my senior, “Before I come, go to various shops and guide me the shop, just let me advise you.”

Looking around that day, my seniors arrived.

After all, I did not guide shop to my seniors.

My seniors taught me a lot about clothes.

What is the quality of the brand,Just a bad fabric, the brand name is affixed, the price is very high,There are also such brands inside.

There are many clothing of good fabrics.

Because the brand does not necessarily cool.

What is important is fabric and quality.

Go to the old clothes shop and you can see how prices and quality are attached by looking at things.

Although I do not understand at all. It is like the quality of things with prices.


At a shop of famous brand in Harajuku of that era,long sleeve shirt is 8,800 yen.It is not good cloth.

That I want to say is buy because brand.everyone guess it’s cool as everyone has it. That ‘s the illusion.


At that time, in Harajuku, seniors taught me that it is a day when new items are on the storefront on Saturday.


Fashion is what you can understand by watching people walking in town.

Cool people have their own style.

It is understood in town.

You should see it from now on.

After a while, there is buyer experience, another senior friend came.

Taking lunch, my seniors check my fashion.

Seniors’ great things about buyer experience

Rather than changing all my clothes I am wearing now,In accordance with this, in a style that gradually changes.

That is the difference between a person who does not know fashion and a person who knows.

For example, a person with a whole body fast fashion,One day, it is strange if it becomes whole body brand clothes.

At that time I have not been told, it would be like this. I thought myself.

Instead,A little expensive a hat,With expensive Nike Air Force One changing the appearance by little,I change my whole body little by little with my current clothes.

I will continue to buy such a way. In the feeling.



It is practice.

It is truly amazing because there is buyer experience,First I went to UNIQLO in Meiji – dori,I bought what I call shakapan (pants sounds shakershaka),Seniors are often wearing pants.I do not think it is UNIQLO.

My seniors are always wearing cool T-shirts and hats of brand name, so I never thought pants were UNIQLO.

Not show the UNIQLO as UNIQLO.

After that, accessories.

There was at that time a toy shop named SECRETBASE on the 3rd floor of Meiji Dori and Cat Street ,so buy Bomber Kid ‘s key chain and coin case.

Buy a skull key holder with Bounty Hunter.

Next, I came to Shibuya from Harajuku, went to MARUI ONE (now Shidax ‘s old MARUI ONE), bought Inoue Santa’ s T – shirt.

(This is a thing of T – shirt using anvil material) This TOKYOTRIBE 2 T – shirt is so. I do not know the content at all.

The Bounty Hunter is a thing I got from old days the senior. That senior is insanely cool.

Next, I went to Tokyu Hands and bought Gregory ‘s waist pouch (now, not currently, tailmate SLT formally) and a pouch (quick pocket S).

In this black waist pouch the key ring of Bomber Kid, skull and coin case on the pouch. If you attach small items alone it changes to something completely different.

Later, let’s go to Ueno. It is said that “Ueno is everything, better than Harajuku.”I went to Ueno Okachimachi, bought a belt, bought a champion American made parka.This champion American-made parka is very warm because it was originally made as a material to wear under the military uniform. And said the old man of the shop.That parka does not need a coat.

This right champion American made side rib parka is so. Champion embroidery is done only on the arm.

This is easy to wear, I bought four in total.

This is still sell this even now.

However, the kangaroo pocket (the name of this kind of pocket is called a kangaroo pocket) has become smaller. I prefer a big kangaroo pocket of the past.

With this, tops (clothes to wear in the upper body, coat), bottoms (clothes to wear in the lower body, underwear).

Waist pouch with accessories, pouch, belt, key holder, coin case.

So, I did not buy shoes, but when I went to the shoe store and had a cool Nike Air Force One, if you were thinking whether to buy it or not, it is said that you should buy as much as you think .

“If you have one high shoe you will be cool”. “Do you see fashionable from the feet

Dare to buy it.

This gray middle-cut Air Force One is then.

A total of about 45,000 yen to 50,000 yen is used.

This is truly changed.

Expensive things are about shoes and parka, after that it is not so expensive. It is not cool or fashiony because it costs money.

Just putting one in a clothing that is not suited until it gets cool, the width of the way of wearing increases. It has become a completely different fashion than ever.

You can do it if you do your best at stylish, that’s changing.

I also understood that I have to make an effort for that.

To change awareness about fashion and clothes.

By changing, you can objectively wear your own clothes.

If it is resistance to change, throw out such feelings.

Then it will become clothes that suits you.


To love clothes

At that time I learned, even cheap clothes will be cool.

I noticed that seniors are amazing after they started to clothes themselves later, but Air Force One somewhat UNIQLO’s Shakapan is easy to match with most clothes.

The shoes are easy to match, the width of the fashion spreads, the pattern of the wearers also increases, and various wearing methods can be done.

It’s really amazing.

And you can wear it for a long time.

That’s really amazing. It is good to be wearing the age which will become suitable clothes regardless of age. That senior is really amazing.

Now that it is being utilized, there are many shoes that are easy to match and shoes that are not flashy so much.

I think cool, I think that clothes are good if that person suits them.

Depending on the impression from a person, there is a degree of coolness and cuteness of each.

Fashion and clothing can change the coordination according to the day, because it changes the impression, it is a lot of fun. Clothes have such power.

It will be a pleasure to have fun wearing clothes.


I really love clothes, such as the shape of the coat and T – shirt prints. I like it and I bought a lot.

If you have plenty of clothes you can change your clothes comfortably every day and spend the day.

I bought some clothes that I did not match and wore it, “Ah, I have failed, I should have bought it now” and it will be now.

It will live up to the difference of impressions if that experience matches.


I am not buying Harajuku Brandt as I used to.

There is also a cool coat.

It’s not cool not only if you wear a brand, it’s cool as you clothes it variously to become yourself.

People buying only brands think that there is not so much idea.

If you have the power to choose clothes yourself, you can wear clothes like a buyer’s senior eyes.

The feeling that I want to wear and want to buy is important.

I am very happy if you understand it.

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