To like clothes in a fashion course

Wear fun clothes,the spring of life

To wear fun clothes to those who beginning of fashion do how to

time 2018/10/01

To wear fun clothes to those who beginning of fashion do how to
Thank you for coming.

This site will teach you how to fashion in an easy-to-understand way.
It is important to have fun wearing clothes.

Also, this site translates Japanese into English.
Because I think that there are cases of mistranslation. I am sorry at that time.


In Japanese culture.My parents were buying my clothes when I was in elementary school. I was wearing it.

However, when becoming a junior high school student (awakening of self and independence) I began to buy clothes by myself.

It is the beginning of puberty.

I went straight as a high school student, college student, adult.

Before I realized I bought clothes by myself and wore clothes, but when I was the first junior high school student I did not know well and I was buying clothes.

I want to teach you to have fun wearing clothes for those who do not know how to buy such clothes.

I am happy if everyone likes clothes.


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Fun wearing

Clothes start with wearing fun.

Every day when you wear various clothes every day will be fun.

enjoy clothes and fashion by having fun.

To wear fun clothes will lead to “love the clothes.”

There are really many people who do not know what is so obvious.

For example, someone is wearing it as a brand. Then, do you know the brand? Many people do not know about the brand.

I do not know if it’s fun if you do not understand what the brand is good for.

It is human beings to wear various clothes.


The impression given to people is different when you wear various clothes.

Clothes have various fun.

When you get interested, you will like clothes more.

Please wear it happily.

have courage to

When someone goes to school with a new hairstyle, that person becomes nervous.

New clothes are also so.

It is the same as saying to a favorite child “Today is fine weather?”

Its innocent,It is very courageous to wear dressed clothes that is new, unfamiliar to yourself.

When you become an adult, wearing is commonplace, so the feeling of that will disappear.

You embarrassed wearing different clothes. At such time that I am glad if a friend says “You look good”.

Myself do not know myself.

So, by being seen by other people objectively, it is understood as “cool, cute, beautiful”.

Changes have courage. Because  you want to change, please have courage.

The courage to wear new clothes is important.


Cool, what is cute?

What is cool? What is cute? What is beautiful? I think that everyone can not answer immediately.

Appearance is beautiful.

It’s cool because my feet are fast.

It’s cool from being polite.

It’s cute because it is kind.


What is cool clothes? If so, how is it cool? Anyone do not almost anyone know the answer.

What is cool about yourself?


It makes you feel that you want to be longing, it looks cool and cute.

That there are many other things, but in the end I have no answer.




I think that it is cool that that person suits you. I think that being dressed in clothes is cool.

Knowing clothes

In Japanese,food, clothing, shelter is called.

It is clothing.

Important element in the environment to engage in the human life.

Or even in order to protect the skin, or a regulation of body temperature, it is an important clothing for the people.

By attaching to knowing things that are indispensable to our lives, attachment to clothes will rise again.

By knowing materials, functionality, various things you can choose clothing that suits you.

Cotton absorbs sweat.It is also gentle to sensitive skin.

Chemical fibers do sweat out, but the skin becomes greasy. Chemical fibers are not kind for sensitive skin.

Such a material, please do not forget that there are also features of the fabric.


Clothes suitable for the environment and situation

Clothes suitable for the environment and situation

For example, when you go mountain climbing, there are people who climb mountains with mini skirt high heels.

What is important to this, there are mites in the mountains and there are Abu. It means that the body is at risk.

Since there are a lot of ultraviolet rays, we shade a shade to protect our body and we cover our hats.

Many adults do not know such things as such.

It is quite important.

Later, you can dress for rain on a rainy day, is not it?

On a rainy day, I will wear a raincoat for climbing, a rain jacket.

Clothes that can only be done in the summer in summer,clothes that can only be done in winter in winter,even just that makes it fun to wear.


Just wear clothes,there are many such people.

If possible, do you want to wear dress happily everyday?


If you have clothes you will be happy and you can wear it happily.



I will tell you one by one from now.

Please make yourself at home.

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